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Sailing in Ionian Islands (Eptanisa) Greece - Bareboat Sailing Holidays in Greece

Ionian Islands Sailing Holidays Bareboat Charter Sailing Cruises in Ionian (Eptanisa) Greece

Sail through the deep blue of Aegean Sea, amongst the island cluster of Cyclades, famous for its picturesque whitewashed houses, traditional character, cosmopolitan lifestyle, stunning beaches, thousands of bays and creeks and superb clear crystal waters. Sailing in Cyclades Greece in a unique experience!

The Ionian Islands (Eptanisa) are:
  • Corfu (Kerkyra), Paxos (Paxi) Lefkada (Lefkas), Ithaki (Ithaca), Kefalonia (Cephalonia), Zakynthos (Zante) and Kythira (Kythera)

  • and Antipaxos (Antipaxi), Meganissi and Kalamos which are smaller islets

The Ionian Islands located on the west of mainland Greece include the beautiful islands of Corfu (Kerkyra), Paxos (Paxi) and Antipaxos (Antipaxi), Lefkada (Lefkas), Ithaki (Ithaca), Kefalonia (Cephalonia), Zakynthos (Zante), Meganissi, Kalamos and Kythira (Kythera). Kythira belong to the Ionian cluster of islands, but is located far enough, south of the 3rd leg of Peloponnese (Laconia). The Ionian islands are considered as the most beautiful islands in the mediterranean! The Ionian Sea is the perfect cruising ground for easy and relaxed sailing holidays. The winds are not as strong as in other parts of Greece, and usually be of 3-5 beaufort strength in the afternoons. At night the winds usually die right down leaving the water looking like a lake. The islands of the Ionian Sea are evergreen islands with magnificent sandy beaches and lots of well protected shelters, ideal for staying safe on anchor during the day or night, allowing you to enjoy your sailing holidays. Each island boasts a distinct tradition, cuisine and architecture having influences of former invading forces such as the Venetians, French and British. Latin houses an eccentric collection of French and Italian architecture and English tastes.

All of our own (3) sailing boats are based on Kos Island, Dodecanese.
All boats can be delivered to any other marina in Athens (Alimos or Lavrio marina)*, Saronic Islands*, Cyclades Islands* or Dodecanese Islands.

(*) for delivery to Athens, Cyclades or Saronic Islands, a 2-week charter is required.
Otherwise, an extra cost for transportation (400 euro) should be applied.

We offer a wide range of sailing yachts for charter in the Ionian Sea (based in Lefkada or Corfu).

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Suggested sailing routes for: 1-week charter & 2-week charter

One-Week Itinerary: Ionian Islands
Kefalonia (Agia Efimia) - Ithaki - Meganissi - Lefkada - Paxi - Kefalonia (Fiskardo) - Zakynthos
Zakynthos - Kefalonia (Agia Efimia) - Ithaki - Lefkada - Paxi - Corfu - Syvota - Lefkada

Two-Week Itinerary: Ionian Islands
Zakynthos - Kefalonia (Agia Efimia) - Ithaki - Lefkada - Preveza - Paxi - Syvota - Corfu - Antipaxos - Parga - Meganissi - Kefalonia (Fiskardo) - Zakynthos
Kefalonia (Agia Efimia) - Ithaki - Lefkada - Preveza - Paxi - Parga - Syvota - Corfu Town - Corfu Gouvia - Antipaxos - Meganissi - Kefalonia (Fiskardo) - Zakynthos

map of Ionian Islands Greece
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